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  • Why do most girls like to carry canvas bags?


    We have not found, now most of the girls whether they go out to play or work are very like canvas bags, and do not like all kinds of brand bags, this is why?The material of canvas bag and cotton bag are the same as cotton from natural, so very environmentally friendly, China in 2008 issued a 'plasti Read More

  • What are the advantages of non-woven suit dust jackets?


    You know what? Many companies now require employees to wear formal clothes to work, so a decent, formal suit is an indispensable piece of equipment for office workers. The main feature of the suit is a strong appearance, smooth lines, comfortable, most of the suits will be deformed by force, so we u Read More

  • What should the coating nonwoven bag from, to detect the quality?


    Non-woven environmental protection bags are more and more loved by everyone, especially the film non-woven bag, beautiful style, can print a lot of good-looking patterns, but there are some poor quality bags on the market, so many customers in custom-made film nonwoven bag do not know from what aspe Read More

  • Why non-woven bags are being used as promotional bags?


    Why non-woven bags are being used as promotional bagsIn any socialized large-scale production and commodity economy conditions, on the one hand, producers can not fully understand who needs what goods, where needs, when needs, what prices consumers are willing and able to accept, etc. ; Because of t Read More

  • Why promotional bags are sought after by merchants ?


    Nonwoven spantium is a new type of environmental protection material, with waterproof, breathable, flexible, non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradable, colorful colors and so on. Non-woven bags cheap, environmentally friendly and practical, widely used, has a prominent advertising position, applicab Read More

  • Why Should You Switch To Using Non-woven Bags?


    Why Should You Switch To Using Non-woven BagsBefore getting into the versus match, one needs to understand the dynamics of non-woven bags and only then, judge. Purely for aesthetic purposes of course. What are non-woven bagsNon-woven bags are usually made out of any biodegradable material. The lon Read More

  • Why PVC can be applied to cosmetic bags?


    What is PVC?PVC is a common plastic that was first discovered in the 1800s. Sometimes referred to as "vinyl", PVC is produced in an affordable nature, making it widely used in many industries, such as construction, furniture manufacturing, automotive and signage manufacturing.PVC performancePVC can Read More



    WHY FLAMINGO BECOMES POPULARFlamingos are some of the most unique birds worldwide. They stand out from other birds for their diverse habitats, bright colors and one-legged stance. Nowadays, many products contain Flamingo patterns, so why they are so popular? DESCRIPTION OF THE FLAMINGOThe flamingo Read More

  • What is Non Woven Bag?


    What is Non Woven Bag?1.What is non-woven fabric?The non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric which directly utilizes high-polymer slicing, short fibers or filaments to form a novel fibrous product having a soft, permeable and planar structure by various web forming methods and consolidation technique Read More

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