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Why Should You Switch To Using Non-woven Bags?

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Why Should You Switch To Using Non-woven Bags?

Before getting into the versus match, one needs to understand the dynamics of non-woven bags and only then, judge. Purely for aesthetic purposes of course.

What are non-woven bags

Non-woven bags are usually made out of any biodegradable material. The long and short fibres of an eco-friendly material are pressed together and made into a bag and this, in turn makes the bag convenient to print on, eco-friendly and appealing to the eye. These non-woven bags however, are prone to getting stained easily and are viable to get soaked faster than other bags and hence, are not greatly water-proof. Thus, non-woven bags are not your best pick when you have carry fluids or important documents.


Any equivalent alternative

Other bags on the other hand, are made out of plastic or paper, both of which are non-biodegradable and toxic in more ways than one. However, they are highly waterproof and can withstand much longer and more than the non-woven bags. Furthermore, other bags are considerably cheaper compared to non-woven bags and are durable. But all this at the cost of deteriorating the environment? Definitely not!

What happens post their use

Although non-woven bags are rapidly replacing other bags, some of us are still negligent and still would pay that extra money to get these non-biodegradable bags. It is utterly important that one takes into serious consideration, the depleting state of the environment that is staked each time we try to carry out our daily responsibilities. This is reflected in the way global warming is alarmingly increasing day after excruciating day. The more non-biodegradable waste is dumped, the worse the condition is turning out to be. This ultimately will dampen the longer run.

Why are they the best

One may wonder why all this fuss about just a tiny bag; it is not just about a tiny bag. It is a matter of responsibility towards our livelihood- our very ecosystem. Enough and more damage has already been caused and that is exactly why we need to contribute in every single way possible.

Making a choice

So, what starts out with just a choice of non-woven bags over other bags today could yield greater results through greater choices tomorrow. Start choosing right, right away!  

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