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What kind of non-woven bags can be applied to?

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What kind of non-woven bags can be applied to?

Advertising non - woven bag

Shopping advertising bags can use the limited area of the bag body to spread the market information of enterprises or products and services to the world. When a customer carries a shopping bag with an advertisement for the store on it and walks through the streets, it is actually as good as making a good advertisement sign, and the cost is relatively low. 

non woven bag

Knowledge non-woven bag

it is all kinds of patterns and words with certain knowledge, such as world famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy, etc., printed on the shopping bag. This kind of shopping bag not only provides convenience for consumers when carrying items, but also cultivates people's sentiment and makes people have wonderful psychological feelings.

Gift type non-woven bag

Our country is a country of ceremony, people always should take gift to wish their friends and relatives. in order to contact feeling, foil atmosphere. When the guests put the gift in printed with the words "I wish you a long life", "I wish you a happy" and so on shopping bag, the host felt not only the gift, but also some fun in mind.

Souvenir non-woven bag

When customers buy miscellaneous things need simple shopping bag, if the store can provide a solution, will be welcomed by consumers. Convenience is an important trick in sales promotion.

fashion non woven bag 

Nowadays, people generally pursue a high standard of living, and fashionable commodities lead a consumption trend. When there is something "hot" in the society, if the store print the commodity pattern and publicity information on the beautiful shopping bag, it is undoubtedly an important move to promote sales. When consumers see a hot goods shop to sell, it will produce "irresistible temptation".

Antique type non-woven bag

Many traditional commodities with high social visibility are favored by consumers due to their exquisite materials, sophisticated production and long history. If the shopping bag is printed with simple and elegant pattern and text, give a person a kind of noble and solemn feeling, will also cause part of consumers shopping appeal.

Environment-friendly non-woven fabric bag (commonly known as non-woven fabric bag) is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful shape, good air permeability, reusable, washable, screen printing advertising, long use period, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising and promotional gifts.

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