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What is a canvas bag?

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What is a canvas bag?

The canvas bag is more environmentally friendly. It can be degraded naturally. It is difficult to implement because of its high cost. However, its durability and firmness are much higher than those of non-woven bags. The cost is still high, but the cost is high. Too high, not suitable for large-scale promotion, so no non-woven bags are popular

The advantages of canvas bag:

1.The material of the canvas bag is the same as the material of the cotton bag, which is naturally taken from the cotton.

What is a canvas bag?

2. The most important cost of environmentally-friendly canvas bags is fabrics. Some non-woven bags use environmentally friendly inks. Generally, they will not cut corners to save the money (unless they are given by the manufacturer). Got environmental protection;

3. Sturdy and durable, notice that the fabric of the environmentally-friendly canvas bag used for two years has not been damaged, but some places have opened the line (sometimes it is very heavy, the manufacturer does not do well), so the workmanship is a sophisticated manufacturer. This is from the time of publicity;

4. The canvas eco-bag has more fabrics and more lines, and most of them are very smooth and flat.

5. It is also easier to clean. There will be a little deformation after washing, because pure cotton will shrink. This is much stronger than non-woven fabrics.

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