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New Environmental Protection Trend : Reusable Fabric Shopping Bags

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New Environmental Protection Trend : Reusable Fabric Shopping Bags 

How Many Types of Reusable Fabric Shopping Bags are Available

New Environmental Protection Trend Reusable Fabric Shopping BagsReusable fabric shopping bags are an eco-friendly, practical, and affordable alternative to disposable bags. Using reusable fabric shopping bags helps the environment by reducing pollution and conserving energy. Plus, switching to reusable shopping bags can save you money in the long run.

There is a wide range of fabric reusable bags on the market, including natural fiber bags like cotton and canvas, jute, hemp. There are also petroleum-based fabric bags, like nylon and polyester, known as PET.

Cotton & Canvas Bags

Cotton and canvas bags are the most common type of bags. This is made with natural-fibers like traditional cotton, organic cotton, or recycled cotton bags.

Though traditional cotton is made from a renewable crop source, it requires chemicals and pesticides. Is also consumes, high quantity of water. However, organic cotton is grown without pesticides, which is helpful in reducing the negative environmental impact of cotton production.

Cotton is made from a decomposable or natural plant fiber. Thus, after a sufficiently long and helpful life, it can get dismiss without many bad footprints on the earth. It also has the sources of getting renovated.

Plus, Canvas Shopping Bags are Strong and durable with soft fabric. You can wash it in the machine with cold water.

Non-woven Bags

Non-woven bags are bags made from non-woven polypropylene (PP) fabric.   This fabric is made with spun and bond polypropylene fiber, which is soft, smooth and air-permeable.  In a spun laid non-woven material the fibers are directly taken onto a moving web which arranges them randomly. The unprocessed web looks somewhat similar to cotton. The fibers on this web are then bound together thermally or mechanically.  

This material makes non-woven bags durable, attractive, breathable, reusable, water resistant, hypoallergenic, fire resistant, soft, light, and sometimes washable.  The material for these bags is strong enough to last up to 5 years.  An additional benefit of these bags is that they are easily printed with a company logo and advertisement; non-woven bags are a great tool in corporate branding and are attractive as gifts.  Shoppers gain a beautiful bag which they will reuse while the company get the promotional boost whenever the bag is used.

Jute Bags

Jute is natural plant fiber that can make strong threads. Jute bags are made with these threads, hence they are very strong. Jute pants grow in high rainfall areas and require little to no pesticides.

Jute has natural renewable resources. Jute too is a compostable plant fiber, thus, after a long helpful time, it can get disclose without any negative impact on the environment.

Jute can make great Reusable Grocery Bags. You can go shopping with a jute bag in your hand. Plus, green is a new style. It will make you look very caring about the environment. Thus, you will look stylish.

Hemp bags

Hemp is a natural fiber that is several times stronger than cotton. Mostly, hemp is used for textiles and industrial applications. The hemp harvest can grow in poor soils. Moreover, it does not need much water and grows well without any fertilizers.

Hemp bags are extremely strong and durable. You can wash and dry hemp bags in machines. Plus, hemp blend with other material to make designer bags.

Hemp bags are not exactly cheap, yet it will prove cost effective for you. You can use your hemp bags for years and never throw them away. When they get dirty, it is simple to wash them and keep on using them.

Recycled PET Bags

Recycled PET bag looks and feels like a fabric but is made of plastic. PET fabric is recycled from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and containers. Recycled PET bags are durable and eco-friendly. It creates a market for post-consumer recycled materials.

By using recycled PET materials you are reducing wastes. Also, it conserves a non-renewable resource. You can have it in customized designs. It is also used for promotion, advertisement, shopping, and gifting.

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