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How to maintain non-woven bags?

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How to maintain non-woven bags?

Non-woven bags as part of our lives, we want to guarantee the longevity of non-woven bags, and we need to start with a lot of details. If we don't know how to maintain, then even the best quality, even the best products, will also die. So we don't just know to complain about the quality of the product, we also want to think about their own use and the entire maintenance process. With proper preservation, we can guarantee the life of the non-woven bag to ensure the life of the non-woven bag. So what do we do?


1. When not in use, we also need to pay attention to the environment in which the non-woven bag is placed. If the environment we place is damp, it will affect the material of the non-woven bag, and also avoid long-term sunshine. Long-term sunshine can also make the non-woven bag extremely brittle and affect the quality of use and life guarantee.

2. Do not use non-woven bags to install some corrosive substances, which will affect the quality of the non-woven bags. Therefore, when we load things, we should pay attention to what the products we install, and do not put the non-woven bags in the kitchen where the oil is heavy.

3. What is the most common problem with non-woven bags? It is in the hand. When we use the hand to pick things up, don't push it too hard, it is easy to break the hand, which means that the non-woven bag can not be convenient for us.

4. Considering from the weight bearing, do not blindly install things, we must also consider the weight of the non-woven bag, too much weight, it will also cause damage.

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