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Why PVC can be applied to cosmetic bags?

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Why PVC can be applied to cosmetic bags?

What is PVC?

PVC is a common plastic that was first discovered in the 1800s. Sometimes referred to as "vinyl", PVC is produced in an affordable nature, making it widely used in many industries, such as construction, furniture manufacturing, automotive and signage manufacturing.

PVC performance

PVC can be made in a variety of thicknesses rigid, semi-rigid or flexible. It can be transparent, white or colored. PVC is a highly elastic material, which means that it quickly restores its original shape after stretching. PVC is a poor conductor of electricity and heat, making it a good insulator for cables.

PVC is also tough and has good weather resistance. High temperatures, low temperatures, humidity and sunlight have minimal physical impact on PVC, making the material popular in harsh environments. Most products made from PVC are lightweight, making them easy to install and economical to transport.


Common applications of PVC

PVC is used to make building materials such as water, sewers and wires, residential floors and doors and windows. It is also commonly used to make residential siding, also known as vinyl siding. Since PVC can be molded into endless shapes, it can even be used for artificial decks, man-made paving stones and landscape stone man-made wood.

Make-up bag manufacturers have considered PVC a popular waterproof alternative to expensive materials such as leather, rubber and latex. This versatile plastic is also widely used by furniture manufacturers, from fake leather sofas to garden chairs. Products made of PVC can be easily cleaned without the use of specialized tools or products.

Signage manufacturers and printers often use PVC sheets to make temporary and permanent signage, advertising and billboards. Because PVC is easy to print, with transparent inventory and custom colors to choose from, it is a durable, lightweight and cost-effective foundation for indoor and outdoor signage.

PVC Make-up Bag - Durable and Affordable

Pvc make-up bag waterproof. It is not easy to get your suitcase dirty when cosmetics are leaked during travel. PVC is anti-fade and scratch-resistant and can be used for many years. PVC is easy to print and can print the shape you want.

When considering which material to use for your next makeup bag order, consider the benefits of choosing a PVC (vinyl) make-up bag.

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