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It's wonderful to have a outside picnic with the families or several friends on the sunny weekend! Planning ahead will help the picnic go off without a hitch. Here are some little tips for a perfect picnic.

A Brief Plan before the Picnic


1.Site Selection

The location is very important, for it will determine some of the other details you choose so pick the site first! You could go to the park, the beach, the mountains, or even just your backyard. Or you could go to any area with natural attractions, such as lakes or rivers.

2.Determine The Time

The time is also important for the picnic preparation. You could have a brunch picnic in the park and take breakfast foods or a lunch picnic with your friend. Alternatively, opt for a dinner picnic and consider bringing foods to grill. The time will affect the food you choose.

3.Plan for Activities

Generally speaking, a picnic is often more than just the food. You can bring the sports equipment if there is a playground near the picnic area. Or you can take two books and magazines with you.

4.Create a Picnic List

You will need food, utensils, plates, durable and light cooler bags, and trash bags for cleanup. You'll also likely want a tablecloth or blanket to spread out wherever you go. Making a checklist will help you keep mind of what you need to bring so you don't forget anything!

Food Selection 

Pick food that will hold up well when bounced around. Ingredients must be easy to store. Vegetables in salads or sandwiches should be as easy to keep as possible. Try not to pick foods that require a knife and fork to eat. Choose foods you can eat with your fingers or just a single utensil. Too much fussiness makes for a messy picnic. Opt for foods that are easy to eat, such as fruit and delicious sandwiches. In addition, do not forget to take some water or drinks.

Packing Everything Needed 

Packing also needs to pay more attention to. The most important is to cover all your food tightly. Whenever you're outside, you're going to run into bugs. Pack your food in tightly sealed reusable containers to keep the bugs out and the food in. The packing order also matters. Put nonperishable food on the bottom and any plates and flatware on top of that. Place the tablecloth or picnic mat at the very top so you can pull it out first to put on the ground or picnic table.

At last, for a more environmentally friendly option, choose nonbreakable but reusable plates and bowls. Remember to take a trash bag or a few grocery bags to cart home dirty items and gather trash. Choose a sunny day, have a fantastic picnic with your dear families or good friends and get in touch with beautiful nature.

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