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With the coming of spring, it's a good time for traveling around in such good weather. At the time, a bag is very necessary. Decorated with bags suitable in size, color, shape and material, our collocation will look more pretty. And bags provide space for us to place our small necessities so that we can get it at the first time when in need. Currently, many brands have launched new bags which are all beautiful and every one of them has its own advantages. Here we’ll introduce bag trends about what is out of time and what is fashionable today.


Bags out of time

1.Straw Bags

Von der Goltz says "We have seen the demand for straw bags slowly decrease, with customers gravitating toward more elevated materials such as the woven leather detailing of TL180 and open work leather from Hereu". Consequently, it’s hard for a style to move from the boardwalk to the board room just depending on its fabrication.

2.The Classic Evening Clutch 

As Aiken says, the thing is that evening bags are tricky and for so long we have been restricted with them being the only option. 

3.Leather Cross-Body Bag 

Structure is in and slouchy is out. The same goes for your favorite style, the cross-body.

Bags in time

Totally speaking, bags which are utility, vintage-inspired and with bright color and geometric shapes are prevalent in the spring of 2019. 

1.The Shoulder Bag From Burberry 

As the first handbag style of Riccardo Tisci, the shoulder bag is classic, feminine but very cool for its concision. Collocated with wind coat, it’s both warm and handsome in spring. Additionally, the shoulder bag can accommodate enough things for us.

2.The Belt Bag

With the population of utility bags, the belt bag is in time. It liberates our hands so that we can held other things with two hands at the same time of hanging a bag with us. CHANEL Waist Bag, simple and cool, available at select CHANEL Boutiques nationwide. 

3.Hello, Sunshine From Edie Parker And So Rad From Boyy

With bright yellow and red, they look quite peculiar. All of your best little black, white, and tan spring dresses can benefit from a dose of yellow and tortoise. It’s the same with the red one because they are both easy matching.

4.In The Pouch From Rejina Pyo 

Snake-effect everything and this little pochette which is vintage-inspired is too charming to miss. 

5.Order In From Staud

It’s very special for its rectangular shape. This little takeout container of a structured bag has an interior mirror and sass to spare.

6.Cotton Tote Bag

There are an increasingly number of women engaged at working. For office lady, simple cotton tote bags are very appropriate with enough room, additional pockets and professional appearance. 

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