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Does the different colors affect your product's sale?

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Does the different colors affect your product's sale?

A good design of the green bag must be the kind of eye-catching, good details can defeat the mediocrity in essence!

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How to make your customers who have purchased your products fall in love with your eco bag. These people are scattered in the corners of each city, and everyone is the carrier of our products. How to make the environmental protection bag in their hands play the biggest role is also a priority for many designers.

(1) the warmth of color

Color psychology refers to the subjective psychological reaction caused by the objective color world.The color perception of food packaging is actually a comprehensive reflection of a variety of information, which usually includes a variety of knowledge accumulated from past life experiences. For example, "Wangmei quenches thirst" is because people have seen the blue plum, and experience tells us that this plum is very sour, which makes people have a corresponding physiological reaction.

(2) the light and heavy feeling

The light and heavy feeling of color is mainly determined by the brightness of the color. Light colors with a high brightness and cold colors have a lighter color, with white being the lightest; dark dark colors with low brightness and warm colors with heavy hue, where black is the heaviest. Colors with the same brightness and high purity feel lighter, while cool colors appear lighter than warm colors.

(3) The sense of distance of color

The colors on the same plane make others feel prominent or near, and some make people feel retreat or farther. The sense of advance and retreat in this distance depends mainly on the brightness and hue, which is generally warm and near, cold and far; bright colors are near, dark colors are far; solid colors are near, gray is far; bright colors are near, blurred colors are far; contrasting colors are close, contrast The faint color is far. Bright, clear warm colors help to highlight the theme; fuzzy, dark and cool colors can set off the theme.

(4) taste sense of color

On food packaging, color can cause the taste of food. When people see red candy wrappers, they will feel sweet. See a light yellow used on the cake, will feel the milk fragrance. Generally speaking, red, yellow and white have sweet taste; Green has a sour taste; Black has a bitter taste; White and blue have a salty taste; Yellow, rice yellow has milk fragrance. Different flavors of food, the use of appropriate color packaging, can arouse the desire of consumers to buy, and achieve better results.

(5) the color of luxury, plain feeling

Purity and lightness are taller bright color, wait like red, orange, yellow have stronger showily feeling, and purity and lightness are inferior calm color, wait like blue, green appear plain simple but elegant. 

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